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PAX Technology

Our payment solutions turns a payment device into a business tool, as it provides the capabilities to digitally distribute software applications that users want to use on their payment devices

Modern Android Based Terminals

PAX Technologies is one of the largest payment terminal solutions providers in the world offering modern android-based terminals.


Having their global presence in 120+ countries of the world with over 68 million terminals deployed across the globe.

The Company offers a wide array of products ranging from conventional to more modern and smart self-service terminals.

PAX Technology Services

Point of sales (POS) solutions

Payment terminals and devices

Payment processing services

Integration and Support: PiNetworks offers integration services and ongoing support for PAX Technology's payment solutions, ensuring that businesses can seamlessly integrate these solutions into their operations and receive timely assistance when needed.
Innovation and Future-Readiness: By partnering with PAX Technology, PiNetworks ensures that its clients have access to the latest innovations in payment technology. This helps businesses stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changing customer preferences and industry trends.

Benefits f PAX Technology

Improved transaction efficiency

Enhanced payment security

Expanded payment options for customers

Streamline businesses processes

Robust technology

Advanced payment hardware designed to enhance customer transactions.

Advanced and secure solution

Improves customer transactions and increases payment security.

Better payment experience

Integrates seamlessly with existing systems for efficiency.

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