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SharePoint Connector:
Seamless Data Integration for SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

SharePoint Connector

Maximize efficiency with SharePoint Connector, seamlessly integrating data between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and SharePoint, eliminating the need for manual effort and streamlining information management.

Advantages of using the SharePoint Connector

The connector allows for seamless sharing of documents, files, and information between SharePoint and other applications, improving workflow efficiency.

Seamless Document Management

Create and store invoices and reports directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in SharePoint.

With PiNetworks' SharePoint Connector, businesses can access SharePoint content directly from other applications, eliminating the need to switch between different systems.

Data Consistency Enhancement

Easily map and organize data from Dynamics 365 to SharePoint folders for streamlined access.

The connector supports real-time data synchronization, ensuring that information is always up-to-date across all connected systems.

Data Unlocking Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate Dynamics 365 data with other applications for improved decision-making

SharePoint Connector has multiple capabilities that helps to enhance productivity along with streamlining your processes.

PiNetworks' SharePoint Connector is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the integration to their specific needs and requirements.

Time-Saving Automatio

Customize and generate documents within Dynamics 365, automatically storing them in designated SharePoint folders.

The connector is easy to deploy and manage, with a user-friendly interface that makes it accessible to users of all levels.

Effortless Document Management

Automate document upload and storage processes, simplifying data retrieval for your team.


Key features of SharePoint Connector that helps remove manual steps for processes and work flow.

Overall, PiNetworks' SharePoint Connector enhances the functionality of SharePoint and improves collaboration and productivity within the organization.

Access SharePoint Content

Businesses can leverage PiNetworks' SharePoint Connector to create automated workflows that streamline processes and reduce manual effort.

Automated Document Management

The connector enables seamless integration of SharePoint with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform, creating a unified and efficient digital workplace.

Streamlined Document Signing

PiNetworks' SharePoint Connector provides advanced security features, ensuring that sensitive information shared through SharePoint remains protected.

Simplified Document Upload

The connector offers scalability, allowing businesses to easily expand their SharePoint integration as their needs grow.

Organized Folder Mapping

With PiNetworks' SharePoint Connector, businesses can improve decision-making by accessing real-time data and insights from SharePoint across their organization.

Automated PDF Creation

The connector enhances communication and collaboration among teams by providing easy access to SharePoint content from within familiar applications.

Template-Based Document Generation

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