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Project Finance & Construction: Integrated Solutions for Dynamic Construction Projects

Project Finance and Construction

Our integrated Industry-Specific solutions address the complexities of Finance & Construction. Leveraging Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Office 365 integrations, we offer a comprehensive and highly configurable approach to streamline operations and meet business needs effectively.

What does Project Finance and Construction do?

Budget Management: The application provides robust budget management tools, allowing project managers to track expenses, allocate funds, and monitor financial performance in real-time. This helps ensure that projects stay within budget and financial goals are met.

Earned Value Analysis

Gain real-time visibility into earned value at each project stage to make timely policy adjustments.

Resource Allocation: The application includes tools for efficient resource allocation, allowing project managers to assign tasks, track progress, and manage resources effectively. This ensures that projects are completed on time and within scope.

Liquidity Assessment

Evaluate organizational liquidity project-wise to optimize processes for maximum gains and business sustainability.

Project Planning: The application offers comprehensive project planning capabilities, including Gantt charts, milestone tracking, and critical path analysis. This helps project managers create detailed project plans and monitor progress against key milestones.

Cash Flow Monitoring

Accurately determine project cash flow, measure work in progress (WIP) and profitability, and identify potential execution issues.

Tailored for the Project Finance & Construction sector, enhancing productivity, streamlining business processes, and maximizing profits through real-time project visibility and Dynamics 365 integration.

Collaboration Tools: The application includes collaboration tools, such as document sharing, messaging, and task management, to facilitate communication and collaboration among project team members. This improves overall project efficiency and effectiveness.

Margin Variance Analysis

Compare gross margins across project stages and business forecasts for detailed analysis and comparison with estimates.

Risk Management: The application includes risk management features, allowing project managers to identify, assess, and mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle. This helps minimize the impact of risks on project outcomes.

Work-in-Progress Insights

Utilize insights into gross margin, cash flow, change orders, and project buy-out execution to maximize margin enhancement opportunities.

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